Monday, September 11, 2006

Read Official 9/11 Commision Report-Compare to the boringmentary 'movie'

All I can say about this 30 million dollar, super spectacular, incredibly hyped docu-whatever it's suppose to be.....boring. I mean super boring. If the Bush administration or Disney/ABC thought this would be used as a tool to rewrite history, there's only 1 problem. Knowbody....I mean knowbody, will ever want to watch this boring, hard to follow, hard to hear, hard to So, we can all exhale, watch the lawsuits fly (if it's even worth the time) and stay focused on what IS going on with this administration and in this world. But since ABC claims that this docu-whatever is supposedly based on the 9/11 commission report, we thought it might be interesting for some of you to read the Official 9/11 Commission Report for yourself. So, hear it is: The Official 9/11 Commission Report: Now you can really compare the facts to ?