Saturday, February 25, 2006

Greg peace song Jones' Conservative 'Talking Points' to beware of ! Add Yours

Our world and country has gotten to the point where people are actually deeply afraid to speak out. It is an incredibly sad period in American history. But, I, a simply, plain, peace loving man, must state....I am not afraid to spread the message. I refuse to succumb to the fears that are being established by the current conditions of our 'democracy'. We MUST SPEAK OUT! And it is our right as Americans! The conservative party has, for the past 5 years, exemplified mastery in relations to directing the minds of the American people in the direction they have wanted to guide us in. It has been interesting to watch the strategic manipulation of the party for the purpose of steering our minds in the direction of their choice. They regularly accomplish this through a simple procedure, probably masterfully under the guidance and direction of the 'talking point' king of the administration Carl Rove. To put it plainly, the Conservatives are the 'kings' of the talking points. From this point on, we will begin to list the 'talking points' of the conservatives so that listeners and viewers will become more aware of statements being used by the administration and conservative media for tactical purposes. It's almost like mental, strategic, con. We ask that everyone who notices ANY talking point statements, please list those statements for all to see. It's our duty, those of us who catch the bull, to help inform others to beware of the the bull.... talking points. Don't get sucked in. Now, let's get the bull.... 'talking points' list started:The administration likes to tell us the following talking points 1) We're fighting over there so they won't fight over here 2) The world is now a safer place since Saddam Hussein has been arrested (Yea right, I feel so much safer......oh by the way.....where's Bin laden, remember him?) 3) They are against us because of our freedom 4) Democracy and the right to vote will create harmony (Hmmmmm.....guess it depends on who they vote for. What if they vite for Hamas?....big problem and WRONG!) 5) Mission Accomplished....That's almost embarrassing....!) 6) Iran is now a threat with weapons of mass destruction......(Uhhhhh, excuse this based on the same 'Intelligence' that led us to invade Iraq?) Please add to the list and/or check back periodically for additions to the BS Conservative talking points list! Staying informed of the tactics is a form of power! DON"T BE CONTROLLED!