Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Was Cheney Drunk...or What? (Share your thoughts).

Well, as you have already heard, Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot his millionaire lawyer friend in the face and chest at approximately 5:oopm this past Saturday while hunting on a private ranch in Texas. We're very pleased to hear that the victim, Mr. Whittington is pulling through, although a number of the over 150 buckshots that struck Whittington have reportedly entered his heart, causing further complications. Many people can not figure out how Mr. Cheney could shoot a person just 30 yards away; a shot that would have had to have been at ground level, when usually one would shoot into the air to shoot a flying bird. After the incident, for some unexplained reason, Cheney chose to just go completely silent on the whole story. He didn't contact the President. He didn't release a statement. His secret service people wouldn't even allow local investigators the opportunity to question Cheney when they arrived at the ranch. Republicans want to say that Cheney is just a private man. That he had other things on his mind rather than notifying the press....or even the Pres. for that matter. That's possible.But beginning on the Monday after the incident, speculation began to grow that Cheney was possibly drunk while hunting, thus the terrible judgement, thus the lack of desire to be interviewed until the following day. One of the first commentators to mention the 'drunk theory' was Ron Reagan Jr. son of late President Reagan. His view was basically that Cheney wanted to wait until the next morning to be questioned by authorities because he was too drunk Saturday evening. Now, other commentators such as Lawrence O'Donnell and many others are drawing to the same conclusion prompting the 'were you drunk' question to be raised in an interview today with Britt Hume of Fox News. Cheney did admit to drinking 'one beer' earlier that day. So, there we have it. We know, as per Cheney, that drinking was involved. We know for a fact that Cheney had 'at least' one drink. That leads us to the real question. WAS CHENEY DRUNK? What do you think? Share your views. From: Greg Jones Singer/Songwriter of New Anthem for World Peace entiled God Bless the World-Not JUST America which is garnering accolades worldwide. Jones has launched 'Operation FREE Peacetone' where everyone can have the chorus of the Peace Anthem as a ringtone for FREE!