Friday, February 02, 2007

POWERFUL PEACE VIDEO from Greg Jones' maxi-single CD God Bless the World-Not JUST America !


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Greg Jones' Peace Song Video
making powerful global impact !


"WOW'...BEAUTIFUL'...' possibly the most important musical message of today'! These are a few of the responses regarding the hot new Maxi-Single CD recording entitled GOD BLESS THE WORLD-WHILE YOU BLESS AMERICA (aka... Not Just America) written, produced and performed by Cleveland, Ohio native GREG JONES. With a We are the World 'feel', this special release is a unique blend of adult contemporary, easy listening, soul and inspiration combined with a powerful message of peace and harmony. In fact, the special CD was recorded on the same mixing board which was owned by Kenny Rogers and used by Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson and others for the 'We are the World' project.
Jones recently signed an internet distribution deal with FineTunes (Germany) which is currently promoting the special release for legal downloads on sites such as ITunes, MusicLoad, Sony Connect, NuFonix, EMusic, Beatport, OD2, MusicMatch, Napster and more. The anthem is now available on over 145 music sites worldwide! The Maxi-Single, released by ORVILLE RECORDS is garnering exciting response through top digital music websites in the U.S, Britain, Finland, Germany and recently entered the Australian Easy Listening Top 100 Music Charts at #8 with a bullet! Also, the anthem entered the UK Soft Rock Top 100 Music Charts at #7 and then climbed to #2!! Orville Records also recently inked a deal with two of the world's largest web distributors, MusicNet and AMG for additional web distribution through top music sites such as AOL MusicNet, Yahoo Launch, Virgin Digital, FYE Download, MSN Music, ClearChannel, Amazon, Target Music, and others.

Jones' special musical message for world peace launched a revolutionary method of spreading the message of peace by creating a worldwide campaign called " Operation PeaceTone". Through this campaign cell phone users can have the chorus of the peace song as a ringtone...absolutely free.

Powerful Video Launched !

Jones recently launched his powerful slide music video for God Bless the World. Through strategically selected images combined with synchronized production....this special peace video takes all viewers on a journey to the realization of the need for world peace. The very touching video leaves viewers desiring to see a world of peace, although some images are extremely graphic and not recommended for youth viewing. For all others, this is one musical meassage that should be seen...and heard !

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Spread the musical message of Peace! To see more please do Yahoo search...
type-in 'greg jones god bless the world' (images also available through Google images)

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