Friday, October 21, 2005

Blogazine World seeks writers. Readers worldwide ! World Blog Premier !

Welcome to the World Blog Premier of the new Blogazine World E-Zine; a quilted blend of entertainment, pop-culture, news, views and more. As we develop the look, style and feel of Blogazine World, we have elected to recruit new editors/writers for the different categories or features that will regularly appear on Blogazine World. If you have writing skills please select your category of interest below. Simply send us an e-mail stating you interest, contact info and a sample article in the category that you choose. If you select sports, write a sports related article that you feel would be interesting to readers. Or fashion, review a song. Political or social view. Whatever your interest may be, you are invited to write an article that may be shared with the world. You may either become a regular featured Blogazine Writer or write periodically. Top stories selected will also appear on other top blogs which Blogazine World is affilated with, giving your story exposure to literally hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide. If you have a website you may also include your URL which will link more viewers to your site.

Categories: Sports, Health, Fashion, Televison, Movies, Music, Celebrities, Political, Social, Recipes, Poetry/Poems, Relationships, Business, Religion, Economy, children, books,

So write something for us. Send your article to :Blogazine World Submission