Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hey ABC! What a boring movie -9/11 Movie Update

I am in shock that ABC spent $30 million dollars on this boring movie. I see why Harvey was not happy. First of all, it's been on for 1 hour and 12 minutes and quite frankly....I'm lost. Who are these people. I didn't know I would have to read the movie. I didn't know Arabs like to disco so much and planned major attacks while boogy downing. It's weird that they would have O'Neil as the main voice or star, since he was one of the first people disgruntled by The Bush Clan. ( I just realized this movie is sooooo boring that I'm blogging while it's on). They should have had commercials. My girl just missed part of the movie because she had to pee. Looks like a B rated movie. A lot of extras so I see why it cost so much. But I'm totally bored! And the sound is bad. I can't even hear what Donnie is saying in his first scene. Well, back to the screen. Update coming soon. p.s. If they keep this up knowone will watch tomorrow....then they'll miss Bush's great speech. $30 million....for what?