Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Brad and Angelina....The Ring of Truth

Brad and Angelina -- The Ring of Truth
Photos of famous couple sporting same band
(Mar. 6, 8:00PM ET) -- Hollywood gossip blogs have been burning up the Internet recently (including Celebrityblog, Skyshowbiz and Filmfodder), speculating that Brad and Angelina have secretly tied the knot. One report has it that Angelina was spotted wearing a band on her ring finger. Another report claims that both are wearing rings but on the right hand. A number of blogs limit the sighting to Angelina wearing a band.

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You be the judge!Speak out on the TMZ message boards
TMZ did some digging and turned up several interesting pictures. Angelina was photographed Saturday (March 4) in Paris with a gold band on her right thumb.

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Now take a look at the matching band on Brad's right middle finger.
Could this be the unconventional couple's way of unconventionally telegraphing their marriage? You be the judge.
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