Thursday, November 10, 2005

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Are We Losing The War In Iraq?

Following election day this past Tuesday, it is felt that Americans are deterring away from the Republican agenda and support of the Iraq War. Yesterday, terrorists attacked multiple areas of the Middle East ranging from three popular hotels in Jordan killing over 50 including people at a wedding party as well as massive bombings in a popular Iraqi restaurant killing 34. (happened to occur on 11/9 which is 9/11 in reverse.) Current polls show that President Bush's ratings have declined to 36%, the lowest since his presidency, while Cheney is listed at an incredbly low 19%. Experts are declaring that a variety of categories of dispair are growing among American people, and there is one question that is growing more day by day. ARE WE LOSING THE WAR IN IRAQ? What do you think? Share your thoughts views or ideas.