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GENERAL: Welcome to Greg Jones' New BLOGAZINE WORLD

Welcome to the new Blog from Greg Jones. This blog is designed to be the home of exciting info on a wide variety of subjects ranging from music, movies, news and views. Below, is a bit about me and a special project we have released. Thanks again for visiting and please visit often. Tell your friends. Peace!
New Anthem for World Peace CD ! Greg Jones'
While You Bless America

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Cleveland, OHIO (USA) Oct. 4 , 2005 "WOW'...'BEAUTIFUL'...' possibly the most important musical message of today'! These are a few of the responses regarding the hot new Maxi-Single CD recording entitled GOD BLESS THE WORLD-WHILE YOU BLESS AMERICA (aka... Not Just America) written, produced and performed by Cleveland, Ohio native GREG JONES. With a We are the World 'feel', this special release is a unique blend of adult contemporary, easy listening, soul and inspiration combined with a powerful message of peace and harmony. In fact, the special CD was recorded on the same mixing board which was owned by Kenny Rogers and used by Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson and others for the 'We are the World' project. A section of the song's lyrics reads 'God bless the world...not just America...God Bless the whole wide our kids can live in harmony...God bless the world'! "It is very important that our leaders realize the importance of desiring that our entire world be blessed, here in America, in the Sudan, Europe, Israel, Iraq...everywhere! If the world is not blessed, we're all in trouble", states Jones regarding his motivation for this powerful musical message. Jones recently signed an internet distribution deal with FineTunes (Germany) which will promote the special release for legal downloads on sites such as ITunes, MusicLoad, Sony Connect, NuFonix, EMusic, Beatport, OD2, MusicMatch, Napster and more. The anthem is now available on over 125 music sites worldwide! The Maxi-Single, released by ORVILLE RECORDS is garnering exciting response through top digital music websites in the U.S, Britain, Finland, Germany and recently entered the Australian Easy Listening Top 100 Music Charts at #8 with a bullet! Also, the anthem entered the UK Soft Rock Top 100 Music Charts at #7 and then climbed to #2!! Orville Records also recently inked a deal with two of the world's largest web distributors, MusicNet and AMG for additional web distribution through top music sites such as AOL MusicNet, Yahoo Launch, Virgin Digital, FYE Download, MSN Music, ClearChannel, Amazon, Target Music, and others. In addition, GOD BLESS THE WORLD is currently being 'spotlighted' on Vitaminics International in Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden. Jones has also been 'Artist of the Week' on the ever-popular,world reknown SonicGarden Music site for the past number of weeks ! Internet radio giant, Live365, the world's largest network of online radio stations, has signed on and is 'special featuring' GOD BLESS THE WORLD through close to 2000 web radio stations worldwide. Commercial radio is fast catching wind of this special release and is next in line while experts are declaring GOD BLESS THE WORLD-While You Bless America a future classic! With over 200 unreleased songs under his belt, songwriter Greg Jones explains his inspiration for this special recording. 'I would turn on the news each day and see how so many world leaders resort to war as a means of settling conflict, as if human life is expendable. It would make me sick. They always say that if you want to see a change you have to do something, whatever you can, even when you're just one person. I've always been inspired by the powerful messages of greats like John Lennon, Bono and Bob Dylan so I did what I could do. I wrote a song. I'm so very thankful for the response worldwide that the anthem is receiving. It's exciting how so many people have embraced the song and the message ... and the snowball effect has been incredible!. For a limited time we are offering the anthem as a free download in honor of all who were killed in Iraq and in recognition of International Day of Peace September 21, 2005.
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