Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bush Supporter & Talk Show Host Ann Coulter says Bush 'boozing it up!'.

With all that the Republican Party has been going through lately...accusations of outing a CIA spy; Bill Frist being accused of wrongdoings in the stock exchange arena; Tom Delay having to answer to charges of corruption; Carl Rove having to appear yet again before the authorities for the continued investigation into his wrong doings; the lowest approval ratings in Pres. Bush's term; the response of millions of Conservatives who are disgusted with the selection of Ms. Harriett Miers as a Supreme Court Judge; and now...the very spokepeople in the media who are the driving forces of furthering the Conservative 'movement' have become so angry with President Bush's selection (and non-participation in the 'movement') that they have turned from super supporters to just plain super rude....AGAINST THEIR OWN! Conservative talk radio has been in a tailspin as the Republican Party unfolds. During the Michael Medved radio show today it was reported that reknowned author, talk show guest and Conservative pundit Ann Coulter stated to her constituents that '30 years ago, when the Conservatives were planning to take over the courts, George W. Bush was too busy boozing it up!' That's an incredible statement coming from one of the most vocal conservative spokepeople in America! (Guess if you're not for 'the movement'...then you're out...even if you're the President! It's really funny to watch and at the same time...very sad!